16-rw- SIMAGIC - Alpha Mini (10 Nm)

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The Simagic AlphaMINI Direct-Drive wheel base brings the quality and feel of a Servo Motor with 10 Nm of maximum sustained torque. This provides a strong and very smooth Force Feedback, with high levels of torque even at high rotational speeds. With the Simagic AlphaMINI steering wheel, you will experience the most realistic, smooth and detailed force-feedback, whether you are racing, drifting or rallying. 

Reaction time to steering inputs is critical for taking corrective action when approaching the apex or overtaking opponents. The Alpha Wheel base has three CPUs to control the motor, the gaming effects and the USB communication, together, they have one of the fastest system response times on the market, while maintaining detailed force feedback. The Alpha features superb holding torque, with detailed and smooth operation, resulting in the best simulation of steering and suspension feel of a real racing car. 

Includes steering motor, power supply, USB cable, and male side of quick-release. This base does not include a wheel side quick-release. Every Simagic wheel includes a wheel side quick-release. If you are intending to use the Alpha base with a different steering wheel you should consider adding a wheel side quick-release to mount it.

The Simagic Alpha base features threaded mounting holes at the front, sides and bottom. The bottom holes allow the motor base to be firmly mounted to most cockpits utilizing existing holes. An optional bottom mount bracket is available to mount the motor elevated for improved air circulation and cooling.

Ricmotech partnered with Extreme Simracing to bring you Simagic. Ricmotech is the official US factory authorized repair center Extreme Simracing. We know the Simagic system inside and out. 

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