13-p- SIMAGIC - P2000 2 Pedal Set 100kg Sensor

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The P2000 is Simagic's first hydraulic pedal set that reproduces the feel of a real racing car. A hydraulic piston on the brake pedal combined with the elastomer/spring system gives precise control over trail braking. A load cell sensor on each pedal registers pedal position with millimeter precision, providing you with the ideal control for competitive e-sports.


These pedals feature a 100 kg sensor on the brake pedal to replicate real-world forces. Dedicated software allows calibrating the pedals to your driving style and desired brake force.


These pedals feature load cell sensors on the gas pedal and provide frictionless readings of pedal position. The brake pedal also uses a load cell but reads brake pressure through a hydraulic system featuring interchangeable resistance springs for perfect car control.


The throttle pedal can be upgraded with an optional tall pedal face, which facilitates heel-toe downshifts. 


Ricmotech partnered with Extreme Simracing to bring you Simagic. Ricmotech is the official US factory authorized repair center for Extreme Simracing. We know the Simagic system inside and out.